“I found it late one night; a doorway to the past, a window on the future.” – Tom Pascal

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James Scoppettone is an American Impressionist whose works are featured in Maui, Aspen, Santa Fe, Dallas, San Francisco and Bend, OR. Inspired by the work of nineteenth-century French and American painters, Scoppettone has devoted his career to expanding the artistic exploration of light. His paintings are distinguished by brilliant color and vibrant brushwork. They radiate with energy and the joy of light.
Born in San Jose California in 1937, the artist began painting at the age of seventeen. He and his wife, Sherry, have raised five children on a 24-acre farm formerly owned by filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. Located in California’s Santa Cruz mountains, the picturesque estate provides Scoppettone with the perfect atmosphere to create his art.
Collectors may interested in one of Mr. Scoppettone’s giclee, so exact they’re hard to distinguish from the original oil. The giclee bring his works within the reach of many of his fans. Also, Mr. Scoppettone’s daughter, Lara Scoppettone Eidsmore has developed into a painter of fine oils in the Flemish style. Lara is featured on this website as well. We hope you enjoy visitng our home in Scotts Valley.